School Fees

The school fees for 2019 consist of four components:

Tuition Fee

Which represents only a small proportion of the actual costs involved in staffing and operating a school. This fee is used to operate the school plus pay ancillary salaries, electricity, water and sewage rates, waste collection, and insurance.

This fee is discounted for siblings.

Resource Fee

An annual amount charged in Term One. It represents a partial contribution towards student school materials, stationery and other consumables which include art & craft supplies, sports equipment, photocopying, books and student testing materials.

The school will be providing all materials for the students in the classrooms including writing materials.

There is no sibling discount for this fee – all students are billed $260.00.

Technology Fee

Being an annual amount of $70 per child to maintain and upgrade our technology/hardware.

Building and Maintenance Levy

Is set at a rate of $270 per family. Our school is supported by the Parish, which has responsibility for major maintenance of existing buildings and for loans to cover payment of all capital projects.

The school collects the Building Levy on behalf of the Parish.

The preferred methods of payment are:

Cheque – payable to St Johns Primary School, Mullumbimby.


BPAY – by using the Biller Code and Reference printed on your statement.


Families receive a 5% discount if the total annual 2019 school fees are received by 12th March.

The discount will be issued via a fee credit to your school account.

You must pay the Annual Total up front to receive the 5% credit.


The following tables may assist your understanding for budgeting purposes:

Tuition Fee Resource Fee Technology Fee Building & Maint. Fee Annual Total for 2019
One child $776 $260 $70 $270 $1376
Two children $1400 $520 $140 $270 $2330
Three children $1729 $780 $210 $270 $2989



DUE DATE One child Two children Three children
First Instalment 15 March, 2019 $539.00 $972.50 $1332.25
Second Instalment 15 June, 2019 $279.00 $452.50 $552.25
Third Instalment 15 Sept., 2019 $279.00 $452.50 $552.25


15 Nov, 2019 $279.00 $452.50 $552.25
TOTAL $1376.00 $2330.00 $2989.00