Teaching & Learning

Teachers at St John’s spend a lot of time planning their lessons. They help students to understand their learning by providing clear learning intentions. Often students and teachers co-create success criteria together and look at examples of what successful learning looks like. 

What Are Learning Intentions? 

Learning intentions describe what students should know, understand and be able to demonstrate by the end of a lesson, a series of lessons or a unit of work. Learning intentions are informed by curriculum documents and focus on knowledge, understanding or skills.

What is Success Criteria? 

Success criteria state what students have to do to show they have achieved the learning intention. It can be used for students to self assess their learning in order to improve achievement. The criteria should be co-constructed with students and have a sufficient level of challenge.

Why are they Important? 

Learning intentions and success criteria give students clarity around what they are learning, why they are learning it and assists them to track and assess their progress. They are very powerful in helping students in their progression towards higher levels of achievement. Using the success criteria as a basis for feedback, students will know what they need to do to improve. This encourages independent learning. Self assessment, as well as effective and timely feedback from the teacher, has significant impact on student achievement. Learning intentions and success criteria provide an anchor for students when they are tracking their progress.

Students will be well supported when effective learning intentions and success criteria are used. They can be used across all Key Learning Areas. In particular, success criteria will

  • Improve understanding
  • Help when designing tasks
  • Help learners to focus on the task
  • Encourage independent learning
  • Enable accurate feedback
  • Allow students to self assess 

Students will take more responsibility for their learning when they know what they are going to learn, how they will recognise when they have succeeded and why they should learn it in the first place.