At St John’s we strive to provide quality teaching and learning which is empowering and student focused. The student is at the heart of the curriculum and we believe it is essential to know our learners, their strengths and weaknesses, so we can promote learning inclusiveness, build capacity and achieve growth for all.

At St John’s curriculum is not just about content to be taught but encompasses a focus on creating engaging and adaptive learning environments. It is about providing age appropriate pedagogy where our students have a voice and are encouraged to take ownership of their own learning. Our commitment to fostering strong student teacher relationships, combined with our small personalised class sizes, allows us to draw upon student interests, their individualised learning styles and provide a responsive curriculum which caters for each child.

Through our creation of engaging learning experiences we aim to promote creativity and enhance critical thinking and problem solving. Ultimately, we aspire for your child to be an integral part of a learning community who are continually developing skills and strategies to be effective 21st century learners, citizens and participants.