Ideal School Statements:

  • Students, staff and families are invested in and feel they are an integral part of school.
    • Warmly welcome all members of our school through our words and actions.
  • Christ centered school community where wellbeing and growth is nurtured.
    • Through our words and actions permeate the love of Christ in everything we do.
  • Positive relationships based on respect between all key stakeholders leading to a connectedness to community
    • Take the time to get to know our students, families and each other through regular communication to build connectedness and a sense of partnership.
  • Structures and routines that promote inclusiveness, consistency and clear communication.
    • Establish strong practices to reflect, adapt and communicate.
  • An engaged learning community of 21st century learners.
    • All stakeholders are continually developing skills and strategies to be effective.



  • Provide innovative and inclusive educational opportunities
  • Provide stimulating and safe environments that enhance quality learning
  • Provide engaging learning opportunities that challenge and develop the academic skills of the learners
  • Provide a connected community which works together for a common purpose
  • Promotes and develops the gifts of all individuals
  • Develop students who will become contributing global citizens
  • Develop a strong sense of self and an awareness of others
  • Foster healthy relationships between all community members
  • Promote and foster resilient students who are able to confidently problem solve in times of difficulty or challenge.




  • Inspiring 
  • Creative 
  • Caring